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Gluttons for Hockey!

From Wikipedia - The wolverine (/ˈwʊlvəriːn/), [Gulo luscus of North America and G. gulo of Europe.] (Gulo is Latin for "glutton")

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"...and the whole can of beans is here too!"
Brent Carlson

"The wolverine, has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size."    -  Wikipedia

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WEHA College Scholarships

More Info at - Click Here

The West Elk Hockey Association (“WEHA”) Scholarship Fund 

Purpose of Fund: This scholarship is intended to give financial assistance to deserving participants of the WEHA Midget/High School & U19 youth hockey programs (herein after and collectively referred to as “Participant” for assistance in their pursuit of higher education. 

Eligibility Requirements: 

* Participant must be a graduating senior in high school, a current member of the WEHA Midget/High School or U19 youth hockey programs and enrolled in a University, College, Technical Institution or Jr. College in the United States no later than the fall after graduation from High School. 

* Participant must be a graduating member of the WEHA Midget or U19 hockey teams. 


* This is a $300.00 one-time scholarship payable to one Midget/High School and one U19 youth hockey participant. 

* The award is made payable to the educational institution on behalf of the student and will be mailed to the institution by WEHA. 

* This award is non-renewable and is for the first semester of undergraduate study only. It is to be applied to tuition, books, supplies, fees, and on campus room and board only. If the student fails to enroll in a semester or trimester within the first year of undergraduate study that portion of the scholarship will be forfeited. 

* Participant will be required to provide all requested information. 

Winner Selection: 

* Selection of recipient is based on a combination of WEHA participation and extracurricular activities. Participant must submit a written essay outlining their career goals including why Participant is applying for this scholarship. 

* Selection will be non-discriminatory, without regard to gender, race, color, creed, religious beliefs, or financial need. 

The following applications must be completed as well as the above requirements. 


WEHA Scholarship Fund 

Download application at - Click Here


The WEHA Scholarship Fund provides scholarships funds to goal-oriented, WEHA participants in the Midget & U19 programs. This scholarship is non-renewable and will be paid over a one academic semester. 

WEHA Regular Board Meeting

        June 22, 2016 Gunnison Rec Center

WEHA announces two further Board vacancies

WEHA has two northern seats for northern seats open on the  Board:

  • 2 two year term seats for northern valley representation
  • Any WEHA member who lives north of Almont may run for these seats.
  • If interested or know someone who might be, please contact Wendy Buckhanan at by June 3rd. Nominations close June 3, 2016 no extensions or exceptions.
  • Elections for these seats will be held at June 22, 2016 Board meeting.  
  • As always, all members welcome
  • See below for voting Bylaws

WEHA welcomes new Board members

WEHA welcomes Karen Stock as the new At Large Board member and Deena Buffington as a new southern valley Board member.

WEHA Bylaws on Voting and Active Membership


SECTION 3. VOTING RIGHTS: All active members as defined in Article V, Section 1 are entitled to one vote.  For members under 18 years of age, their vote will be exercised by the designated member as defined in Article V, Secton 1.1. Voting will be done at the Annual Meeting but members will be allowed to vote by proxy or electronically if unable to attend the Annual Meeting. Voting will be done anonymously in the election of members to the Board of Directors.

(If you intend to vote electronically, please email your vote to Heather Thiessen-Reily, WEHA Secretary at by 6:00pm May 18th.  Please provide written assignment of who will be exercising your proxy vote to Heather Thiessen-Reily by 6:00pm May 18th).

An active member in the Association is any one of the following:
1) a designated parent, step-parent, guardian, or other person who pays the participant fee for each registered player in the youth hockey programs operated by Association (one vote per registration paid  - so if you pay for two youth registrations, that equals two votes)
2) All existing registered coaches of an Association team
3) All existing active Association Board Members
4) Any member who pays to participate in any Adult hockey league; and
5) Any other interested person who pays a membership fee as determined by the Board. 

The term of membership is the fiscal year of the Association. Funds contributed to Association as part of a fund-raising activity do not entitle the contributor to the benefits of membership.

(Association refers to WEHA; youth hockey programs and adult hockey leagues refer to those run by WEHA)

League Winners!

Bantam A - 4th Seed to Playing for the Championship!

U-14 went in as 4th seed and went to the championship game. What a season!!!

Link to Youth Hockey Survey

All Ice Rink's Schedules

or click the schedule below.

Gunnison Indoor, Big Mine in CB, Gunnison Covered

#1 Way to Volunteer

Would you like to volunteer but don't know what to do?

The place WEHA needs the most volunteers is...

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Link to Adult Hockey Survey

Youth Hockey Options For Spring 2016

Link to Youth Teams.

2015 Champions!

U14 [Lady Wolverines]

U19 Lady [Wolverines],

PeeWee B

Midget JV

Youth Teams

Login to WEHA

To view most of this website, first Login to WEHA. The Login button is located in the upper left corner of this page. If your user name is already there, you are logged in.

If you do not have a Login user name and password, click the button "Create an Account" it is free and we can communicate with you about changes or announcements. Be sure to select to "Receive Emails from WEHA" when you create your account.

Also, you will need to confirm your account by email, the system will send you a link to finish the account sign up and confirmation.

WeHockey Misson Statement

The West Elk Hockey Association will be responsible for conducting all hockey related programs in the City of Gunnison and The Town Of Crested Butte.  The organization is dedicated to keeping participant fees as low as possible while creating a volunteer organization that provides all participants with an outstanding hockey experience.  Finally, the West Elk Hockey Association will work to create and manage hockey tournaments in order to expand the potential for participants to play hockey as well as utilize the City of Gunnison and the Town Of Crested Butte’s facilities for economic development purposes.  

    By transitioning the programming aspect of hockey programs from The City of Gunnison and the Town of Crested Butte’s oversight to our association we will build a larger organization that will depend on user participation.  This will achieve a more effective management structure while allowing every participant to have ownership in the process.  Fundraising, tournament planning, and marketing revenues are expected to grow.  Our goal is to utilize these revenues to offset as much cost as possible in order to ensure that playing hockey is affordable for everyone in the Gunnison Valley.  To further the goal of affordability we will build a scholarship fund.    We furthermore hope to increase the amount of available funds for scholarship purposes in order to help even more youth players to have the chance to play organized hockey.  Finally, we hope to build an endowment that will enable WEHA to reduce youth participant fees once the endowment is of sufficient size to cover the costs associated with participation.

    Our community has a cyclical, tourist based economy.  The organization of tournaments will help our community by bringing visitors to our area during our slow months while allowing participants to play against more hockey teams and different levels of talent.  Hockey has the potential to become an economic engine within our community and we hope to develop that potential.

    The West Elk Hockey Association Will be funded by user fees, donations, and advertising revenues.  Anyone is welcome to participate in our programs, or become a member of our association.