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Gluttons for Hockey!

"The wolverine, has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size."    -  Wikipedia

Gunnison - Crested Butte - Lake City - Montrose - Salida - Alamosa

From Wikipedia - The wolverine (/ˈwʊlvəriːn/), [Gulo luscus of North America and G. gulo of Europe.] (Gulo is Latin for "glutton")

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The Southwest Cup!

"...and the whole can of beans is here too!"
Brent Carlson

All Ice Rink's Schedules

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Gunnison Indoor, Big Mine in CB, Gunnison Covered

#1 Way to Volunteer

Would you like to volunteer but don't know what to do?

The place WEHA needs the most volunteers is...

Make a guess and CLICK HERE (

CB Town League - 2nd Season Playoffs

CB Town League - 1st Season

B Major Playoffs

B Major

Donate to Coaches Training

Coaches are volunteers! What drives that passion? …to give so much for the betterment of our youth, unselfishly and for the pure enjoyment of seeing these kids grow in hockey, and in life?

More importantly, what deters that passion? The answer to this question is; Certification, time and expenses!

They pay for their own registration and certification, with travel expenses to specific leveled clinics. Where they want help is with this registration and certification process. WEHA reimburses travel expenses for league games and tournaments but do not reimburse for training or certification. We could raise fees to pay for it, but we can’t do that yet. 

So we are asking you to help our coaches become better coaches by supporting their quest, through the certification system, by donating here.

Drop The Puck Youth Tournament's Page

Click here to get tournament's dates, rules and roster forms. More Information!





Comp A Playoffs

Comp A

The Brick Oven Classic! Registration Now OPEN!!!

3 on 3 Hockey!

The West Elk Hockey Association
is proud to present

The Brick Oven Classic!


Registration Now OPEN!!!

This tournament will be played in CB over the weekend of Feb. 19, 20, 21.

The ideology behind this tournament is that all players get all they can handle AND MORE of ICE TIME!

Also, the ideology is that this tournament is open for all skill levels, but mainly for the beginner to intermediate skill ranges (To help support this, teams that register together will have to be approved by myself)

Teams are capped at three people (meaning your entire team is on the ice ALWAYS). Right now, the schedule will be a Friday night slot, Saturday slot and Sunday slot. Each slot you will be scheduled for will include FOUR games. Each game is 12 min long RUNTIME, with 3 min breaks to switch spots.

Goalies will be provided and each team will “have” each goalie and shoot on each goalie. The games will be played horizontally across the ice from blue line down to the boards behind the net.

RIGHT NOW we are planning on having EIGHT TEAMS which to amounts to about 24 PLAYERS. If there is need to expand, we will plan accordingly, but please know that as of NOW there is a LIMIT ON TOTAL NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND TEAMS. Registration will open later today or tomorrow, we just have to get the tournament budget approved by the head-honchos.

P.S. If you are a goalie and are interested! PLEASE let us know ASAP.

Adult Leagues - Gunny and CB


CB - Town League Draft was a gas! !1st Season schedule and standings below or here ---> More Info...

Gunnison - Deadline to sign up is past! Play is under way! Schedule and Standings below or here---->  More Info...

B Minor Playoffs

B Minor

Link to Youth Teams.

2015 Champions!

U14 [Lady Wolverines]

U19 Lady [Wolverines],

PeeWee B

Midget JV

Youth Teams

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To view most of this website, first Login to WEHA. The Login button is located in the upper left corner of this page. If your user name is already there, you are logged in.

If you do not have a Login user name and password, click the button "Create an Account" it is free and we can communicate with you about changes or announcements. Be sure to select to "Receive Emails from WEHA" when you create your account.

Also, you will need to confirm your account by email, the system will send you a link to finish the account sign up and confirmation.

WeHockey Misson Statement

The West Elk Hockey Association will be responsible for conducting all hockey related programs in the City of Gunnison and The Town Of Crested Butte.  The organization is dedicated to keeping participant fees as low as possible while creating a volunteer organization that provides all participants with an outstanding hockey experience.  Finally, the West Elk Hockey Association will work to create and manage hockey tournaments in order to expand the potential for participants to play hockey as well as utilize the City of Gunnison and the Town Of Crested Butte’s facilities for economic development purposes.  

    By transitioning the programming aspect of hockey programs from The City of Gunnison and the Town of Crested Butte’s oversight to our association we will build a larger organization that will depend on user participation.  This will achieve a more effective management structure while allowing every participant to have ownership in the process.  Fundraising, tournament planning, and marketing revenues are expected to grow.  Our goal is to utilize these revenues to offset as much cost as possible in order to ensure that playing hockey is affordable for everyone in the Gunnison Valley.  To further the goal of affordability we will build a scholarship fund.    We furthermore hope to increase the amount of available funds for scholarship purposes in order to help even more youth players to have the chance to play organized hockey.  Finally, we hope to build an endowment that will enable WEHA to reduce youth participant fees once the endowment is of sufficient size to cover the costs associated with participation.

    Our community has a cyclical, tourist based economy.  The organization of tournaments will help our community by bringing visitors to our area during our slow months while allowing participants to play against more hockey teams and different levels of talent.  Hockey has the potential to become an economic engine within our community and we hope to develop that potential.

    The West Elk Hockey Association Will be funded by user fees, donations, and advertising revenues.  Anyone is welcome to participate in our programs, or become a member of our association.