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The West Elk Hockey Wire-Spring 2018

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West Elk Hockey Misson Statement

West Elk Hockey is a non-profit corporation promoting the growth and advancement of ice hockey in the Gunnison Valley. WEHA provides a safe and positive hockey experience for all participants by educating, encouraging and developing all participants.

2018 WEHA Clinic Opportunities

Laura Stamm Clinic, Oct 5th-7th ,Early Bird Discount $115

Ricci Checking/Body Contact Clinic, Oct 20th-21st, $90

In the Crease Goalie Clinic,Oct 26th-28th,Early Bird $250

West Elk Hockey Association 2018 Board Nominations

2 two year Crested Butte Seats  (vote for 2)
John Collins
Jeff Moffett

1 two year Gunnison Seat (vote for 1)
Tina McGuinness

1 one year At Large seat (vote for 1)
Karen Stock

Voting Information

Section 3. Voting Rights:
All active members as defined in Article V, Section I are entitled to one vote. For members under 18 years of age, their vote will be exercised by the designated member as defined in Article V, Section 1.1.  Voting will be done at the Annual Meeting but members will be allowed to vote by proxy or electronically if unable to attend the Annual Meeting.  Voting will be done anonymously in the election of members to the Board of Directors.

If you intend to vote electronically, please email your vote to Sara Wynes, WEHA Secretary at by 6:00pm June 20, 2017. 

Please provide written assignment of who will be exercising your proxy vote to Sara Wynes, WEHA Secretary at by 6:00pm June 20, 2017.

Section 1. Active Member.
An active member in the Association is any one of the following:

  1. A designated parent, step-parent, guardian, or other person who pays the participant fee for each registered player in the youth hockey programs operated by the Association;
  2. All existing registered coaches of a WEHA team;
  3. All existing active Association Board Members;
  4. Any member who pays to participate in any Adult hockey league; and
  5. Any other interested person who pays a membership fee as determined by the   Board.

The term of membership is the fiscal year of the Association. Funds contributed to the Association as part of a fund-raising activity do not entitle the contributor to the benefits of membership.


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